In lieu of the unfortunate geopolitical and economic disasters that have taken the lives of many innocent people around the world and especially in countries like Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Zanzibar, Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other places and because of the horrible realities that many children are facing on a daily basis from these countries and in other countries, we have decided that our efforts and foundation will be best used to alleviate the pain and suffering of orphans from the Middle East and North Africa. The Become Your Dreams Foundation will attempt to help directly or indirectly as many children from these areas as possible regardless of national origins, religious belief, race or gender.

Our foundation is not a political or religious organization. However our approach will ensure that orphans of different faiths will have the opportunity to learn their original faith as we are not missionaries and we are not trying to change peoples identities or faiths. We believe that as any parents the parents of these orphans would have loved to ensure many aspects of their children’s lives to include their own religious belief, education, shelter, food, nurturing, and care.

We would also like to help stop human trafficking and organ trafficking

We believe that the future of humanity is in the hands, minds and souls of our children and if we can help a child we are helping humanity at large.

We welcome you to join our efforts and to help us in our mission to help save humanity




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