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Advertising and sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in helping Orphans and for being a good corporate citizen. Humanity is what bonds us together, it is because of it we strive and it is because of it we have grown so much. Decency is what makes us better human beings and we know it from any small or large good deed, a good word, a smile, a gesture of kindness or help.

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Become Your Dreams is preparing a number of advertising and sponsorship programs that will fit everyone’s strategies:

Advertising programs will include: Advertise Now CLICK HERE!

  • Online advertising (Websites, newsletters)
  • Event advertising

Sponsorship programs will include:   Become a sponsor Now CLICK HERE!

  • Orphanage sponsors
  • Education sponsors
  • Food and beverage sponsors
  • Supplies sponsors
  • Technology sponsors
  • Good will sponsors
  • Financial, investment and banking sponsors
  • Professional development sponsors
  • NGO sponsors
  • Government sponsors (Ministries, government agencies, royalty and government personalities…)
  • Media sponsors (Television and radio channels, TV and film personalities…)

Sponsorship programs will be divided in two grand categories with subcategories for each one:

  1. Monetary sponsors: will contribute funds to enable an activity such as building an orphanage, pay for education, salaries, food, transportation, equipment, housing, events
  2. Goods and services sponsors: will provide facilities, supplies, endorse and speak on behalf of the organization locally or internationally, advocate for the benefit of the organization and Orphans.