Vision & Mission

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Become Your Dream’s mission is to be¬†provide help (Shelter, education, peace, joy, warmth food, safety and opportunity) to Orphans in select areas while preserving their identities.


  1. Help nurture, educate, protect, feed, shelter, support Orphans
  2. Help stop organ and human trafficking

Our progress, milestones and accomplishments will be measured based on:

  • The number of countries we are directly or indirectly serving
  • Number of¬†facilities we are directly or indirectly operating
  • The number of Orphans we are directly or indirectly serving
  • Our combined funding raised and our clear fund deployment strategies and activities.
  • The growth of our members, teams of professionals, volunteers, interns, sponsors, advisers, directors and ambassadors
  • The growth of our network of resources and resource providers