Orphanage Selection Criteria

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Orphanage Selection Criteria

Become Your Dreams Foundation is able to reach orphans in North Africa and the Middle East via existing local orphanages and organizations focused on helping orphans. To accomplish our Mission we have a strict policy to admit orphanages and organization under our beneficiaries list. Beneficiary orphanages must be legally registered in their local market, follow all local laws for non for profit work. Financials must be transparent, and use of funds must be efficient. Once an organization submits and application to be a beneficiary of the Become Your Dream Foundation and our initiatives to help orphans. Our team will complete a full due diligence checklist on the organization to ensure it meets our criteria:

Currently we are in the process of vetting an organization in Tunisia: This foundation will focus on Orphans in Tunisia as well as Orphans from war torn Syria due to their extraordinary needs

We believe that primary focus and or priority will be given to the younger and is based on Orphans of ages 0 to 5 then 5 to 10 then 10 to 15 then 15 to 18 years of ages respectively from Tunisia and Syria. Exceptions will be made to siblings to try to provide as much unity rather than separation regardless of age priority

Our plans include the work with independent organizations in the following countries to serve each country independently but under the same Mission of the Become Your Dreams Foundation and with potential financial and strategic collaboration between each independent organization under the Mission of the Become Your Dreams Foundation:

Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Mauritania, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Zanzibar, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan not in a particular order.