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Dreams Fund™ / القرض الحسن

The Karth Hassan Fund “القرض الحسن” Dreams Fund™ , is a fund built from money provided by the community to support our non interest loan programs. Funds deposited in this fund are not donations, such funds shall be returned to its owners after a set period of time. The Become Your Dreams Foundation will use such funds for providing interest free loans to qualified students and or entrepreneurs. 5% of such funds will be considered a direct donation to the foundation this amount is to pay for the administration of the loans. Read More

To participate in the Fund please click here

Dreams Angels™

Dreams Angels™ A membership based angel investment platform that provides angel investors with access to investment opportunities to grow and diversify their portfolios, and connect qualified investors with qualified entrepreneurs and businesses. Become Your Dreams Foundation Inc. provides support to the investors by screening opportunities, qualifying viability of business models, evaluating the presenting teams, and by routing…

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