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Entrepreneurs Corner

A solutions’ platform to Muslim entrepreneurs. Here Muslims with great drive, business ideas, business plans or even with existing business come to get help and support. Become Your Dreams Foundation has developed a suite of solution to include:

  • Business planning support, guidance and advice
  • An angel investment platform through which pre-screened Muslim entrepreneurs or businesses may seek equity investments.
  • Potential direct equity funding from the Become Your Dreams Foudation.
  • Peer to peer networking, and business support through Dreams Network™ businesses
  • When feasible and applicable entrepreneurs may also benefit from interest free businesses loans through the Dreams Fund™

In return Muslim entrepreneurs will support the community by providing jobs and becoming when able members of the Dreams Angels™ platform. They may also offer internships to Muslim Students or support them with scholarships.

Remember you don’t have to have money to come to the Become Your Dreams Foundation, but you will have to be willing to work hard, be open minded and beleive that God will always provide!™ 

If you are an a Muslim entrepreneur with a great business plan, or venture please click here


  • Angel investor(s) will negotiate equity investment directly with entrepreneur(s), Become Your Dreams Foundation provides the platform and the support but it does not negotiate equity for either side. A 5% equity in any business funded by Dreams Angels™ will be awarded to the Become Your Dream Foundation, this 5% equity stake is not subject to any type of dillution
  • Equity investment provided directly by the foundation is on the minimum basis of 20% equity, actual equity will be assessed based on valuations, risk, return, and many other variables. The foundation’s goal is to help entrepreneurs without jeoperdizing its mission, and to be able to drive revenues to support other entrepreneurs and students
  • Interest free loans are given to entrepreneurs with a tangible collateral, exceptions and or other requirement may apply depending on the nature of the application.
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